Pros And Cons Of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Covers

Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers. It has a large field usage, and the biggest consumer is the construction industry. You can also find it in automotive components, niche applications and in medicine. It is a strong translucent material that can replace glass, and act as an insulator if it used in multi-wall type.

greenhouse covering

Polycarbonate greenhouse covering is the newest material used by the greenhouse owners and some say is the best. It creates a warm environment for your crops; it retains heat inside during the night and can be made by multiple layers in order to protect the plants for scorching in summer months.

Polycarbonate greenhouse covers are made from a durable plastic material, resistant to bad weather factors or hail impact, with a high thermal insulating properties. It comes in standard twin-wall sheets, and if you want a better insulation you can buy a three-wall sheet cover for your greenhouse, although by this you are decreasing the ability to transfer the light inside.

There are many reasons why gardeners choose polycarbonate greenhouse covers instead of glass covering. It is a lot lighter, and it scatters sunlight equally inside the greenhouse, not letting shadows or hotspots to be created and endangering your crop. The main reason that polycarbonate is chosen is that it is stronger than glass, and they come with a UV treatment in order to prevent discoloration.

For many gardeners low temperature and bad weather are the greatest problems, because it causes damaging to their crops so a better covering is a must. Polycarbonate greenhouse covers are able to retain inside heat during winter up to 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Also they are more resistant to hailstorms or other factors than can shatter the greenhouse covering.

Polycarbonate greenhouse covers come in two types; dual – polycarbonate and acrylic – polycarbonate. Acrylic polycarbonate is the best substitute for glass because it is the closest to its transparency, and lets the light enter inside the greenhouse. They are a safe environment to work thanks to their strong composition, and also the best choice for those who live in a bad weather condition area, such as hailstorms or snow.

Because of its versatility, you can use polycarbonate greenhouse covers in different environments, are easy to install, and has a long life durability, maintaining a low cost percentage, and is the most chosen option by gardeners in greenhouse covering. Nowadays, polycarbonate greenhouse covers come with a new option, the UV treatment which provides much clarity and makes the sheets stronger. So before buying polycarbonate greenhouse covers make sure this option is provided.

A greenhouse covered with polycarbonate sheets it is easy to maintain, its life lasting and economic. You can choose this option no matter the environment you live in. You can rely on its efficiency due to light diffusing property, UV protective feature and damaging factor resistance. Most of the providers give you up to ten years of warranty, and that makes this kind of covering the best.


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