The Truth About Plastic Greenhouse Covers

If you want a warm safe environment to cultivate flowers, vegetables or fruits in every season possible, you have to build a greenhouse. There are many stratagems used by gardeners around the world in order to create a more suitable environment for plants growing such as glass or plastic covers. Although glass was used from the very beginning, it brakes easily, making the work more costly.

greenhouse covering

Plastic greenhouse covers are safer and their properties make them more durable and suitable for a large variety type of plant growing. This kind of material can easily be cut and adjusted to your needs without reducing the material strength. Plastic greenhouse covers are preferred by most of the garden enthusiast, mainly because it reduces costs in any direction. They do not need heavy sustained structures, shipping costs are lower due to their small weight, and because they are translucent it can compete with glass greenhouse coverings.

When it comes to plastic greenhouse covers, you can find them on the market made from different materials. Of course, higher price tags are applied to those that boast out a better endurance to the stress caused by the weather. More to that, the majority of the materials are flexible and this increases their durability when they’re stressed.

However, polycarbonate covers are virtually unbreakable, and they are used in some bulletproof windows, compact disc and they only weight about a sixth time of glass. They are used as plastic greenhouse covers because of their durability, and they can be made as transparent as glass. Only disadvantage in the high price, but you won’t have to worry that they will break or scratch doing your work a lot easier.

If you are a small garden enthusiast and want to build a small greenhouse you should try to use plastic greenhouse covers, because of its low costs. You can use polyethylene, rolon or vinyl, which is easy to attach to the greenhouse frame, and it can be modeled as you wish. However, plastic it deteriorates fast, and should be replaced often.

After you gain experience you can move forward to bigger greenhouses, and use the plastic greenhouse covers at maximum. Corrugated plastic such as fiberglass, are a lot expensive but last a lot longer and their multi layer property makes a greenhouse stronger and safer. They resist to bad conditions and protect your crops from pests, such as termites.

Plastic greenhouse covers were made as a substitute for glass, because it protects your crop from ultraviolet rays, distributes sunlight equally in the greenhouse making your plants to grow nice and fast. They resist to outside damaging factors, like rocks, wind, snow or hailstorm. Their efficiency is incontestable and can easy your work in the garden. Plastic greenhouse covers improve your crops in a fast manner, and reduce the costs brought by water you have to use for irrigation and the extra heat you have to bring during the cold weather in the winter season.


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